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Under the small-scale infrastructure component of the Linkod sa Kapwa Pilipino Program (Linkapil), overseas donors may sponsor the counstruction of facilities needed to achieve quality living

"Tubig ay Yaman" (Water is Wealth) Project

Tubig ay Yaman
(Water is Wealth)

In an era where technology dominates society, lack of access to clean and potable water is still a major problem of some developing countries, including the Philippines. Filipinos living in rural and even urban areas experience to drinking unsafe water.

Exposure and consumption of Filipinos, particularly children of contaminated/polluted water can result in acquiring waterborne diseases like amoebiasis, cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery and other gastrointestinal diseases, and if not treated, could lead to death.
With this, the CFO conceptualized the “Tubig ay Yaman” or Water is Wealth Project under the LINKAPIL Program. It aims to provide potable water supply to areas with limited or no access to clean drinking water through the construction and installation of water facilities such as artesian and deep wells, water tanks/reservoir, submersible water pump, etc.

The assistance provided by the donor includes purchase of materials and installation/construction of water facilities. This project is undertaken in partnership with civic groups, non-government organizations, Local government units, schools, among others.

Note: The amount per water supply system may vary depending on the type/kind of water system, location/accessibility of the project site, cost of construction materials, among others.