Education is one of the components of the Linkod sa Kapwa Pilipino (LINKAPIL) Program where overseas donors may support the education of Filipino children and youth interested to go to school but are hindred by poverty.

Assistance to education projects may be done through the following:

Adopt a Scholar

Adopt a Scholar


The high premium attached to education, particularly a college degree, cuts across social classes in Philippine society. The many sacrifices that parents often take in order to send their children to school speak of their firm determination to provide their children with formal educational qualifications. Among the lower economic strata, a college diploma becomes more valuable because it is perceived as one’s passport to greater social mobility. Ironically, the productive costs of tertiary education and other related expenses have rendered college education beyond the reach of many people who need it most.

The Adopt-A-Scholar program was launched in 1996 and operates by generating contributions from overseas Filipino communities/organizations for individual sponsorships of economically disadvantaged but scholastically deserving students in colleges and universities in the Philippines. It offers an opportunity for associations or individuals abroad to establish scholarship grants or endowment funds in identified public schools/colleges or to provide financial assistance to disadvantaged but scholastically qualified students.

The scholarships enable beneficiaries to complete a regular four or five year college degree course or alternatively, a technical/vocational course. However, the donor/sponsor may choose the educational institution to host the scholarship if they intend to do so. All sponsorships/grants shall be covered by a specific agreement between the donor, the host institution, and the CFO.

Sponsoring Filipino associations/individuals overseas may provide funding assistance to the scholar through the following means:

1. Endowment Fund - Sponsors will provide an initial fund to be accounted in the depository bank of the host institution. Only the interest of this deposit will be used to defray the costs of the scholarship. After the graduation of the beneficiary, the scholarship grant can be awarded to another qualified student; or

2. Regular Allocation - The sponsor will provide financial assistance either on a semestral or annual basis, or provide the lump-sum equivalent of the cost of completing the course of study, payable to the depository bank of the host institution or to be turned over to the host institution’s representative.