Butterfly House Beats Typhoon Ruby!!!

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Typhoon Hagupit, also known as Typhoon Ruby in the Philippines, started as a tropical storm on December 1 and then became a typhoon the next day. It explosively intensified into a Category 5 super typ...hoon on December 4. Subsequently, Hagupit began a weakening trend before making landfall in Eastern Samar as a Category 3-equivalent typhoon.

In Tacloban City, the Butterfly Houses had already been deployed and would face their first ultimate field test - standing up against a Category 3-4 Typhoon. We had arranged for a few houses to remain open to test their standing strength against the storm, while the rest would be folded down to test its survival capacity in such a scenario. The Butterfly was conceptualized to provide a solution that would prove to be as strong as a permanent house yet have the flexibility of being folded in the event a major storm would come. In such an event, residents would fold in their homes and evacuate with the high likelihood they can return to a house immediately.

After a nerve racking weekend - the results are in....The Butterfly House BEAT Ruby!!

Of all the houses in the area, the Butterfly Houses come off with barely a scratch. Since many people in the affected areas are still trying to scramble to get back to normal and electricity is still a huge problem, we have only a few photos to show, but video to follow as soon as it is available. However, the imagery is indisputable and the reports on the ground are positive. The residents are able to go back to a structure.

Compare this to the temporary bunk house and transition shelters made over the year in response to Yolanda that have now been destroyed and will take even longer to rebuild...AGAIN. Meanwhile Butterfly House owners can enjoy the fact that their house is still standing or can be unfolded up again immediately after this storm. 100% of the Butterfly Houses structurally survived Typhoon Ruby.

Picture below - Amidst the rubble of the aftermath from Typhoon Ruby - see the Butterfly House in the background standing strong and virtually unaffected.

This site is a joint project between Butterfly Homes and PDRF (Philippine Disaster Recovery Foundation)


Source: Rachelle A. Llanes, Amylex Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 11 December 2014
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