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He is Kent Louie, a student and resident of Brgy. Bito-on who does not have
access to clean, potable and safe drinking water.

Water is essential to life on Earth. We need it to quench our thirst, to prepare and cook food, and to ensure proper health and hygiene. The lack of it, therefore, in various communities in the Philippines pose serious health risks, and may lead to the spread of water borne diseases, such as diarrhea, amoebiasis, etc. especially among younger children.

If the diseases remain rampant and untreated, this can lead to dehydration and even death. According to, a non-profit organization that aims to eradicate world water crisis, nearly 5,000 children, or one child every 20 seconds, die every day from a water-related illness.

Calamities aggravate the already poor conditions of areas that have no direct access to clean, potable, and safe water supply. At the onslaught of Supertyphoon Yolanda, many water systems were destroyed, and one of these is Barangay Bito-on in Carles, Iloilo.

Barangay Bito-on is situated in Calagnaan Island, a 30-minute pump boat ride from mainland Estancia, Iloilo. The island was greatly devastated by Yolanda that resulted to the wreckage of houses, schools, and sources of drinking water.

Getting water has become more difficult for residents of Barangay Bito-on. One has to rent a pump boat just to purchase a gallon of water in mainland Estancia. Adding to the burden of cost is also the safety of children crossing the island.

The construction of the Tubig: Manngad Kag Kabuhi (Water: Wealth and Life) Project in Barangay Bito-on would provide clean and safe water to around 2,000 residents, or 450 households in the area. This includes a public elementary school with 512 students between the ages of 5-14 years, and other communities in nearby areas. The availability of safe and clean water will result in the positive transformation in the lives of communities--more jobs, less sickness and the opportunity for children to enjoy their childhood and live to be useful assets to society. The amount needed to implement the Tubig: Manngad Kag Kabuhi (Water: Wealth and Life) Project is US$33,899.

But for a minimum of US$5, you can support the construction of Barangay Bito-on’s water system project and you can provide the residents of Barangay Bito-on a safe and clean drinking water. You can be the key to a good life for kids in this island.

The project is one of three projects under the Bangon Western Visayas Project. The other two projects being the Rebuild Project: Convergence for Sustainable Livelihood Project in Iloilo and Suyac Ecopark Project in Negros Occidental.

These three projects can be supported through crowd funding initiatives that encourage overseas Filipinos to pool their donations for the full implementation of the projects. Moreover the Bangon Western Visayas aims to encourage local government units (LGUs) in harnessing the contributions of overseas Filipinos (OFs), non-government organizations (NGOs)/civil society to support local development efforts especially disaster-risk reduction and mitigation projects in calamity prone-areas of Western Visayas.

For more information about the projects and how to donate, kindly visit this website You may also contact us at telephone numbers (02) 552-4737 and (02) 561-8327 or through email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.