Tubig: Manggad kag Kabuhi (Water: Wealth and Life)

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Name of Project: Tubig: Manggad kag Kabuhi (Water: Wealth and Life)
Name of the Proponent: Signpost Philippines Inc.
Name of Beneficiary-Community: Barangay Bito-on, Carles, Iloilo


The “Tubig: Manggad kag Kabuhi” project aims to enable the targeted communities to gain access to safe water and adopt proper sanitation and hygienic behavior. Research has shown that integrating hygiene education into water and sanitation projects greatly increases the impact of a project on the targeted community.

Another important objective of this initiative is to provide support to the community in strengthening their local capacity for a self-sustained and gender sensitive water, hygiene and sanitation program. Through this program, the residents of Barangay Bito-on will have access on potable water without traveling far to mainland Estancia, Iloilo to buy drinking water. Hopefully, the project will enable 2,076 people to gain access to safe drinking water.


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